Samoa Citrus

Samoa Citrus

*Sorry, we're temporarily out-of-stock, due to a shortage in our imported tissue-culture plants.
You can customize your own Midorie Planter by transplanting your favourite plants into these DIY planters.

Inspired by the breathtaking sunrise on the beaches of idyllic Samoa.  Standing with toes in the sand, the morning sun-rays flit across the horizon, illuminating golden speckles onto the lapping waves.  The gentle breeze rustles the brightly-colored leaves behind you, serenading you to being at one with mother nature.

This colorful planter will splash a healthy dose of sunshine and nature onto the walls of your home or office, perking you up so that you'll always have that radiance in you.

Comes with:

- 5 Indoor Plants

incl. Golden Pothos, Chlorophytum, Syngonium

- Base layer of Pafcal Foundation (provides optimum moisture & nutrient protection)

- Bonus free Midorie Watering Bottle (worth $6.00)

Frame Dimensions: 19.3cm (Height) X 18.8cm (Length) X 5.0cm (Width)

*Plants are carefully chosen for their lower light requirements, and can be placed almost anywhere in home/office environments, where there's typical light sources like ceiling lights.


Recommended Add-ons:

NutrientsPlant & Herbs Nutrients









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