Pafcal Mix
Pafcal Mix
Pafcal Mix

Pafcal Mix

Perfect replacement for soil, as potting mix or terrarium mix, especially for indoors, where hygiene and cleanliness are a top priority.

- Holds water for more than 3 times longer than soil.
- Perfectly balanced pH level.
- Consistent water/air ratio, to prevent root-rot.
- No worms and bacteria
- 10 years life-span.
- Lighter than soil.

Specifications per resealable bag of Pafcal:
Dry Volume - 600ml (20oz)

Wet Volume - 900ml (30oz)


Use either as a complete soil-replacement, or as a complementary mix with soil.  Pafcal typically reduces watering frequency by at least 3 times.

Potted Plants: Wash away the soil from your plants' roots, and transplant the roots into Pafcal Mix.  Alternatively, sprinkle Pafcal Mix on top of the soil, to cover all exposed areas.

Terrariums: Use Pafcal Mix as a layer in your potting mix, or mix it in with your own soil.