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Soil-Free Vertical Garden

Customize your Wall and Roof Gardens, or choose from ready sizes with Plug-&-Play features. 

Completely Soil-Free.

- Creates a Natural Lush and Beautiful Environment
- Purifies the Air of common Air Toxins from Furniture, Paint and Haze.

- Calms and Relaxes the Mind, and Lowers Blood Pressure


- Safe for Living Areas.
Pafcal is safe to touch with bare hands and does not cause itching or bacteria-contamination.  No fine particles are released into the air, allowing for safe breathing.
- Independent Watering System.
No external water-piping required.
- Save 3.7x of water, as compared to other Vertical Gardens. 
Automatic timer pumps water only once every 4 days.
- Lowest Plant Mortality. 
Our special Japanese sponge has perfect pH levels, and self-regulates water and air to the roots.  Never worry about root-rot again.
- The Lushest & Most Vibrant Plants. 
Roots are the life-line of plants.  Pafcal sponge is the most technologically advanced planting media in the market, which spares no expense in providing your plants' roots with the best conditions to keep them healthy.
- Lightest Planting Material

Pafcal sponge is much lighter than soil or any other planting material.  This makes it safe and easy to install & maintain.

To inquire, simply drop us an email at hello@midoriegarden.com, or call us at (+65) 9643 5202.

Midorie Wall Garden Singapore

Midorie Garden_South Beach Tower Office_Blue Fuel

South Beach Tower - Desk Area


South Beach Tower - Office Pantry

Blue Fuel_Midorie Garden_Soilless Pafcal Green Wall

Robin Road - Condo Living Area

HDB Soil-Free Vertical Garden Midorie Blue Fuel

Yishun - HDB Living Area

Best Soil-Free Vertical Garden & Green Wall


Soil-Free Pafcal Plant.  Clean & Neat Design.Soil-Free Pafcal Plant.  Clean with No loose Dirt .