Specially formulated Nutrients.  Works perfectly with Pafcal.  Odourless.

Each set contains 1 bottle (120ml) of Solution A & 1 bottle (120ml) of Solution B.


Add 2.5ml of Solution A, and 2.5ml of Solution B to 250ml of water (Our Midorie Watering Bottle holds 250ml of water).

The constant growth of the plants is a very intriguing experience, especially when placed in constant sight, on the desk or wall.  Please do not over-feed the plants with nutrients in excitement, as it can be harmful for them as well.  Once a week is the maximum frequency.

It is not necessary to feed nutrients to the plants every week.  The frequency depends on your own preferences (eg. look and color of the leaves, rate of growth, etc.) and the environment it is in.  If you are pleased with the way your plants look, you can hold back on the nutrients.  Try experimenting, and most importantly, enjoy the growing of your plants!

Nutrients are formulated and produced in Singapore, by one of our most trusted Urban Farming experts, since 1977.