Circle - Creative Set
Circle - Creative Set
Circle - Creative Set

Circle - Creative Set


Get creative and have fun designing your own circle planter!  Can be hung on the wall, or placed on your desk.


Step 1: Pour some water into your planter and wait a few minutes for the Pafcal sponge to expand slightly.

Step 2: Remove your favourite plants from their pots, and wash away the soil from the roots.  Some plants (eg. money plant, philodendron) already have aerial roots near the new leaves, so you can just snip off a small section, without removing the plant from the soil.  Be sure to trim the roots shorter so as to fit them snugly into the planter.  Don't worry, the plants will grow new roots again.

Step 3: Lift up the Pafcal bricks and place the root portion of the plants between the diagonal slits of the brick.  If required, you can peel along the slit, to seperate the Pafcal brick into 2 halves.  As long as the plants' roots are covered with Pafcal, they'll be moist and happy.

Step 4: Wait for 2-3 weeks for your plants' roots to grow into the Pafcal! Be sure to keep the Pafcal sponge moist always, during these first few weeks, as the trimmed roots will need all the water they can get to support the leaves above.

Comes with:

- 3 Pafcal Bricks

- Base layer of Pafcal Foundation (provides optimum moisture & nutrient protection)

- Bonus free Midorie Watering Bottle (worth $6.00)

*Potted Plants are not included in this frame, and can be purchased from any retail nursery, supermarkets and most florists.

Frame Dimensions: 16cm (Left-Right Diameter) X 15.7cm (Top-Down Diameter) X 5.1cm (Width)

Recommended Add-ons:

NutrientsPlant & Herbs Nutrients




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