Edelwhite Frame
Edelwhite Frame
Edelwhite Frame
Edelwhite Frame
Edelwhite Frame
Edelwhite Frame

Edelwhite Frame


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Edelwhite is a living frame designed by French architect Daniel Pouzet. The design was inspired by the beauty and resilience of the Edelweiss flower. It can be used as a tabletop display, upright on a desktop, hung vertically on a wall or grouped into a mosaic wall. The frame holds six reservoirs filled with super-absorbent volcanic rock minerals (different material from Pafcal sponge).

Dimensions: 34.5cm X 34.5cm X 7cm
Weight w/o Plants: 1.1kg
Weight with Plants & Water: approx. 1.75kg

Watering: Once every 2-3 weeks

Watering Instructions: For initial setup, place Edelwhite face up on a flat surface and carefully pour 120ml of water into each of the 6 openings.  For future watering, pour water (600ml) directly into the top cavity.  Depending on the environment, Edelwhite can hold sufficient moisture for your plants for 2-3 weeks.  To test for your own environment, touch the bottom Pafcal sponges every 7 days to feel their moistness.  When completely dry, it is time to add water.  As all of the water is absorbed by the volcanic minerals, there is no standing water in the frame.

Wall-Mounting: It is advisable to use the provided screws for a secure mount (instructions in graphic on the left).  For a non-drill option, use 10 pairs of 3M Hanging Strips to secure the back of each Edelwhite frame to the wall.  We offer consultation and wall-mounting service too.

Plants and Pafcal sponge bricks are not included with this frame:

1) If you have your own favourite potted plants, simply remove them from their pots, trim the roots and soil into a cylinder shape (5cm diamater X 5cm depth), and fit them into the 6 Edelwhite holes.
2) To order with soil-less plants (using Pafcal sponge), please click here instead.
3) To grow your own seeds in Pafcal sponge bricks, please add separately from this link.

 *Suitable for Indoors & Outdoors.

 ***Only 2 PIECES LEFT!!


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