The Alps (*Popular Air Purifier)

The Alps (*Popular Air Purifier)

*Sorry, we're temporarily out-of-stock, due to a shortage in our imported tissue-culture plants.
You can customize your own Midorie Planter by transplanting your favourite plants into these DIY planters.


Our Best Natural Air Purifier.

Spanning across 8 Alpine countries, the Alps rises majestically to the clouds at 4,810m high.  Cool air of the freshest nature greets your senses on the snow-capped peaks - divinely pure and liberating.

These plants form the perfect combination to filter the air of common air toxins (from wall-paint, appliances, etc) found in homes & offices.  Together with their natural air-moisturizing abilities, you'll always be feeling supple and refreshed with them around.

Comes with:

- 5 Indoor Plants

incl. Chlorophytum Comosum, Syngonium Green and Parlor Palm

- Base layer of Pafcal Foundation (provides optimum moisture & nutrient protection)

- Bonus free Midorie Watering Bottle (worth $6.00)

Frame Dimensions: 19.3cm (Height) X 18.8cm (Length) X 5.0cm (Width)

*Plants are carefully chosen for their lower light requirements, and can be placed almost anywhere in home/office environments, where there's typical light sources like ceiling lights.


Recommended Add-ons:

NutrientsPlant & Herbs Nutrients









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