The tropical Amazon River meanders through 6,400km of South America, providing food and water not only to cities of Peru, Columbia and Brazil, but also to tribal people living along the river banks. 

At the source of the river lies the Amazon Basin, which holds the Amazon Rainforest - home to 50% of all known species of animals and plants.  Due to the sheer amount of flora, the Amazon Rainforest is also known as the 'Lungs of the Planet', because it produces 20% of the world's oxygen.  Flying by overhead in a helicopter, you will be greeted by an impressive carpet of lush foliage, as each and every tree spreads itself out wide, to capture as much sunlight and water.

This planter recreates the Amazon, with its overarching wide leaves, set against the pecan brown earth, tapping on the water reservoir like its river.

Comes with:

- 3 Indoor Plants

incl. Green & Golden Pothos (fast growers. easy to prune.)

- Base layer of Pafcal Foundation (provides optimum moisture & nutrient protection)

- Bonus free Midorie Watering Bottle (worth $6.00)

Frame Dimensions: 16cm (Left-Right Diameter) X 15.7cm (Top-Down Diameter) X 5.1cm (Width)

*Plants are carefully chosen for their lower light requirements, and can be placed almost anywhere in home/office environments, where there's typical light sources like ceiling lights.


Recommended Add-ons:

NutrientsPlant & Herbs Nutrients









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